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Finish what we started

James W. Knowles III has the experience and knowledge to lead Ferguson forward into progress over the next three years.

Vote YES for James Knowles on April 4th, 2017.

 Thank you for your support Ferguson!


James and his wife Lisa both grew up in Ferguson and met at McCluer High School. After many years of friendship and several years of courting, they were married in 2012. Their home is located on the eastern edge of Ferguson off of W. Florissant with their two children, son James IV (Jace) and daughter Delaney

Six years ago, as the youngest member ever to serve on the Ferguson City Council, I decided to run for Mayor to help bring in a new perspective, combining youth and experience, to the leadership of the City of Ferguson. Within three days of taking office, the worst storm in the past hundred years to ever hit North St. Louis County ravaged the city of Ferguson, damaging or destroying over 900 homes. Instead of focusing on the future, we were forced to focus on the present, digging out from a natural disaster and focusing on the rebuilding of our community. The rebuilding efforts were only to be thwarted two years later by yet another Tornado that devastated our community.

The tragic events of 2014 and the prolonged civil unrest led us to focus on important issues that sorely needed to be addressed in our community. During that time, beginning in September 2014, I led the council to look at the number of issues of concern, and began instituting reforms immediately, working with the Department of Justice on a mutually agreeable set of reforms to help restore faith in our police department and in our community. I am someone who firmly believes that elected officials should not stay in office forever, but I am someone who firmly believes in finishing what you started. The Ferguson charter allows for the Mayor to serve 3 three-year terms. I have decided to finish the work that began long ago in this community, and run for my third and final term in office. All of what we have worked for, all that we have accomplished, still depends on strong, experienced leadership to continue moving us forward.

Our community and certainly my family has gone through a great deal, but my wife and I grew up in this community, we are raising our children in this community, and we are committed to making sure this community remains and is a wonderful place for all of those who live, work, and play here. So we are committed to finishing what we started and serving this final term in office, and to make Ferguson truly a community of choice for everyone. I hope you will join me in this endeavor and I hope you will work with us as we continue to bring OUR city together and move OUR community forward. Let’s finish the very important work that we started. May God bless you and our community.

In your service,

James W. Knowles III

What people are saying about Mayor Knowles

Coach Knowles has been a blessing in my life.  On and off the wrestling mat, Coach has been a teacher, mentor, and friend.  He has always treated me as if we were family.  I always know I can call on Coach whenever I need something, and he is always there for me, without question.  I’m thankful to have him in my life.


Jamal White

Mayor Knowles negotiated with Centene to require minority workforce participation that was unheard of in St. Louis County.  He has proven his commitment to Minority entrepreneurs and business owners, and he has my full support!


Ira Folwkes

Mayor Knowles has been a steadfast leader in our community, selflessly serving residents through the toughest of times.  He helped rebuild this community after the devastation from the 2011 and 2013 tornadoes, and he has shown he has what it takes to rebuild from the 2014 unrest.  Only his knowledge and experience can lead us through.


Tom Sansevere

Mayor Knowles has been actively committed to the young people in our community.  When I started decided to start a mentoring program 6 years ago, I called upon my friend James for help.  He helped us get the program off the ground, and today we mentor dozens of at-risk young men to reach their full potential.


Albert Harrold

Mayor Knowles’ knowledge of the budget and finance, along with his hard work at the polls, helped lead the council effort to save several firefighter’s jobs and keep open Fire House #2

Dave Volz
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