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Finish what we started

James W. Knowles III has the experience and knowledge to lead Ferguson forward into progress over the next three years.

Vote YES for James Knowles on April 4th, 2017.


James will keep a balanced budget and ensure that tax dollars are spent efficiently and effectively on bringing quality city services.


James will work with law enforcement and residents to ensure a safe community through the implementation of a community policing strategy.

Economic Development

James will drive the economic development efforts along W. Florissant Ave, while maintaining support for our successes on S. Florissant.


James will grow our partnerships with our local school districts, and provide support and resources needed to educate our young people.

Government Reform

James led the city through the greatest period of reform in our history and will continue to ensure accountable and transparent government.


James will work with staff to create and implement a short and long term plan to repair and replace our neighborhood streets.


James will work with community and regional organization to bring resources to help those in need, especially the homeless in our area.

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